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GBox Cayman oiling system upgrade

The Cayman transaxle can suffer from overheating issues when driven hard or used in racing. The ring and pinion can overheat as the gear oil is forced out of the differential housing under hard acceleration (see picture of heat-discolored pinion below). This can cause ring and pinion failure which will destroy the gearbox. GBox has a solution: we machine the transaxle housing to accept oil pickup and return fittings (we use special fittings which have better flow characteristics than regular AN fittings). The pickup fitting is in the tail-section to scavenge oil pooling there due to centrifugal force. The return fitting is in the differential housing to lubricate the ring and pinion. These fittings are coupled to a Tilton 405-25 electric lubrication pump and a Setrab cooler (the pump and cooler may be located in several places on the car). The combination of cooling and lubrication will bring transaxle temperature down to a reasonable level and keep the gears alive.

Overheated Cayman pinion.

overheated cayman pinion

The modifications for the Cayman oiling system are as follows:

Rear section of the Cayman transaxle welded and machined for the oil pickup fitting.

cayman gearbox oiling system

Special high-flow AN fitting installed.

cayman gearbox oiling system fitting

Standard drain plug installed in place of fitting (to protect the fitting during transaxle removal).

cayman gearbox drain plug

Another view of installed special high-flow fitting.

cayman gearbox oiling system fitting

Special high-flow return fitting in differential housing. This lubricates the ring and pinion.

cayman gearbox oiling system fitting

Tilton 405-25 electric oil pump included.

cayman gearbox oil pump

Setrab cooler supplied. Sized to customer specification

cayman gearbox oil cooler

This oiling system upgrade can be customized according to customer preferences.

Please contact us with any questions about the process.