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2nd gear pop-out fix

2nd gear detent

GBox upgraded 2nd gear detent.

Several of the Porsche gearboxes will occasionally experience a '2nd gear pop out issue.' There are a couple of ways to address this issue. But this fix is the easiest, and by far the least expensive option for the DIY guy or gal. Installation is relatively simple and can be completed with the gearbox still installed in your car.

The GBox upgraded detent will not fix a pop out problem if there is already internal damage to the gearbox, but it will certainly help prevent it. We install it in all of our rebuilds, and we have yet to see a 'pop-out' problem return after the installation of this part. Even if you have never experienced this issue, this upgraded detent is cheap insurance to ensure that you have done everything you can to keep it from popping up in the future.

Detent location

Bolt that blocks detent cover

Step #1: Remove the bolt that prevents the detent cover from coming completely out. This will be a 13mm bolt in 996 street cars, and an allen key in the GT2/GT3 gearboxes. This is a 6mm allen key.

Detent cover

Detent cover

Step #2: Remove the detent cover which is an 8mm allen key. Heat may be applied to the detent housing to release the sealant bond.

Removing detent

Remove detent

Step #3: Use a strong magnet to remove the spring and detent from the detent holder. (hint if you move the shifter around a bit it will help this release easier)

Step #4: Change out the detent with the GBox detent. You can use the same spring that came out of the gearbox.

Step #5: Here is the tricky part. Looking from the side of the gearbox you put the new detent in so that the pinned part that holds the internal wheel, is 90 degrees from the side of the gearbox. It points to the side of the car. This is important because the wheel on the detent engages a plate internally; this is not too tough, and can be felt as the new detent is installed and pushed into place.

Step #6: Drop in spring. This step can be combined with step #5 for easier installation.

Step #7: Reinstall the detent cover and transmission bolt. End of job.

Please contact us with any questions about the process.

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Reach a detente with your gearbox by using the GBox detent