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Quaife sequential gearbx

GBox now offers a proven alternative to the Porsche 997 sequential gearbox. This new direct replacement for the 997 was developed as a joint effort by Quaife UK and Parr UK. This gearbox is currently running in several racing series in Europe and has very good durability in comparison to its Porsche counterpart.

Quaife sequential gearbx

The QBE61G is a six-speed sequential transaxle that features a larger 85mm shaft capable of handling in excess of 500bhp and 450ft/lb of torque. It comes standard with a Porsche Motorsport plate-type limited-slip differential, completely mechanical sequential shifting, and lubrication via an integrated internal oil pump (simply take your current heat-exchanger off of the Porsche unit and bolt it directly to the Quaife). The electronics plug right into the Quaife gearbox, utilizing the current wire loom, so there are no issues with internal displays or the ignition cut-off switch.

Quaife sequential gearbx

The QBE61G achieves a 20-millisecond shift, which is nearly twice as fast as the Porsche gearbox. Mike Quaife states: "In fact, so fast that, in testing, the automatic ignition disengage was disabled to make the car more drivable on downshifts". This new Quaife transaxle is also considerably more quiet in operation than the Porsche unit.

Quaife sequential gearbx

In its 997 application, you can use the same clutch and flywheel. It is a direct replacement for the Porsche unit, plugging directly into the existing wire loom, with no modifications needed. Servicing of the gearbox can be performed at GBox, or we can provide you with the service parts (the parts cost is roughly half that of the Porsche transaxle). Labor time is approximately 11 hours, and rebuild intervals are approximately the same as the Porsche unit; every 30 hours of use.

We are currently seeking U.S. teams willing to put this new transaxle option to good use. Teams would be asked to supply testimonial and general-impression data to further advance operations and marketing in the United States.